Hemonart is a medical device manufacturer based in Ankara-TURKEY focusing on activated clotting time-ACT, test tubes, cuvettes and other instruments used in hospital ICUs. 

We have more than 20 years of experience in hemostasis. We believe Hemostasis is not a science only but it is also an art. Hemonart was born as a result of this philosophy.

We acquired our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 in 2021  and then in the same year we began to present our products to the in-country and international markets. 

Hemonart R&D team keeps working on the new systems to expand our products portfolio.

- To support the effective and uninterrupted provision of our activities with the aim of becoming a company that creates value with the principle of "trustworthy company", preferred at home and abroad with its competitive power, trusted as a strategic partner, sensitive to the environment and people,
- To maintain activities and relationships that meet the expectations of our stakeholders and related parties and to contribute to the development of our national industry,
- To fulfil the applicable requirements of internationally recognised management system standards,
- To act in accordance with laws, regulations, company rules and effective principles,
- To continuously improve the management system, to promote process management approach, to increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness with a risk and opportunity based approach,
- To ensure occupational safety in our activities, user safety in our products, to protect the health of our employees and the existence of a sustainable clean environment,
- To ensure that employees become more competent and contribute to our management systems by supporting their continuous development with innovative and creative approaches, to improve the quality culture and to ensure sustainability through effective use of resources,
- To meet the price, speed and quality expectations of our customers, to take into account their feedback, to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the product life,
-To adopt continuous improvement as a part of our activities and to increase our corporate performance by ensuring the participation of our employees.

Hemonart Medical Systems San. Tic. A.Ş. as our mission; we aim to help the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and to increase the quality of healthy life in our region by ensuring that our products we produce together with our dealers and business partners take their rightful place in the health sector in Turkey and all over the world. Our main goal is to promote our products by using our dealer infrastructure with the departments we have created and to maximise the quality of technical service and logistics support.

Hemonart Medical Systems San. Tic. A.Ş., our vision is to enter into a professional cooperation based on mutual trust and respect with health institutions and organisations in Turkey and all over the world with all our managers and employees, to present our technology with our dealers and business partners to health institutions and organisations with the highest quality and promt service understanding and to be an exemplary, reliable and respected institution in every aspect in the "Medical" field of the developing health sector.